4K Resolution Underwater: 3000 Year Old Trees Beneath Clear Lake, Oregon

Clear Lake, Linn County, Oregon. This is a near-duplicate of the earlier upload on mine by the same name. Turns out that two days after uploading, YouTube downgraded the first one, from 4K to 1080/60p, so am giving this another try.
If you would like to view this in 4k resolution, just click on the gear box (lower right corner). If your Internet connection isn’t that fast, then the 1080p resolution option is better and won’t buffer on you. If your monitor is 1080 resolution, you will only see perhaps just slightly clearer than you are used to. The new 4K televisions and monitors are just now starting to come down in price. In my humble opinion they are worth it – amazing clarity.
Filmed using a GoPro Hero 3+ Black, in their waterproof casing, and using a LCD backpack.

Information from Scubadiving.com
“Clear Lake

Location: About 2 1/2 hours southwest of Portland, Ore.

Adventure Quotient: This lake offers visibility beyond anything imaginable. It’ll make your swimming pool look like mud. But what’s there to see? Plenty, including brilliant-yellow algae fields, lava flows, a sunken forest and geothermal vents that spew a milky, cloud-like substance.

Profile: Clear Lake is in the mountains of Oregon and the water is cold — very cold. Most of the bottom is covered with volcanic ash, which persuades some there isn’t much to see. Not so. You’ll need a dry suit. A sealed regulator is highly advised. The lake is an altitude dive at 4,000 feet, but it’s only about 45 feet deep. The very cold water makes it an advanced dive, however, and good buoyancy skills are essential over a volcanic ash bottom.

How to Dive It: Contact Scuba Unlimited in Portland”
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