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Window washing is one of those chores that very few people choose to do. You generally have to put yourself in precarious positions in order to do the work. Window washing doesn’t have to be a hard chore, and you will try this work safely if you know a number of the professional secrets.

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Window washing ought to be done simultaneously whenever possible. This means attempt to pair up with another person plus one of you wash through the interior while one of you washes through the exterior. In this manner you can view if the panes are clean working for you and you are clearly not running inside and out of the house looking for where the smudges regarding the panes are located.

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Use old newspaper while you are window washing. Newspaper will not put lint on the window, it really is a totally free item you might be about to discard in your trash, plus it leaves a streak free shine. After you have used the newspaper on the windows it can save you it and use it to deliver a weed barrier across the exterior portions of the house.

Vinegar is a safe product to utilize whenever you are window washing. When you’re cleaning windows most of the cleaner runs down the region of the house and leaches into the ground. Vinegar is an all-natural substance that won’t harm animals, people, or ground water.

Buy a handle for the squeegee that will extend to help you do your cleaning associated with the glass while standing on the floor. You do not want to have to climb up on a ladder if you do not need certainly to. You can apply the vinegar to your window using a sponge mop with an extension handle, and after that you may use a squeegee to wipe the vinegar solution off the panes of glass.

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When you wash your windows on hot days apply your cleaning treatment for just one quarter regarding the surface at the same time. On hot days the cleaning solution will dry on the window before you decide to can wipe it well if you cover the whole pane of glass at some point. Apply cleaner to simply one quarter regarding the window at the same time and you will be able to remove the cleaner before it dries.

Wash windows from top to bottom. That is purely common sense however it not merely pertains to each individual pane, but to your way the windows are placed on the house.

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