Drive Like Jehu – 8/28/2016 – Bunk Bar. Portland, Oregon

Bullet Train to Vegas (I’m getting thrown around a bit but it gets better!)
Spikes to You
Good Luck in Jail
If It Kills You
Atom Jack
Super Unison
Golden Brown
Human Interest
Here Come the Rome Plows
Do You Compute?

Shooting notes: I didn’t have a good spot until the last few songs when I spotted my friend Steve who was at the front next to John Reis, so I shoved my way up there and crouched down on the stage. Everyone should have a friend Steve who hangs out at the front of the stage. Before that though, there are a few bumps here and there where I’m getting shoved around by unruly 40 year olds.

Recorded on a very overdriven Canon G15 camera on its last legs (hellllo hot pixels). There was no way I was gonna bring my bigger video rig to this show so you all get the more punk rock crusty video effect. Audio is from two core sound battery box mics on my hat along with a Sony stereo mic that I used to tape shows with back in 1997; all running into a Zoom H4n.

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