MODA Center Portland Oregon hires contractor that discriminates against women!

Please consider a story about what my wife experience today. She went to the Moda Center for a job she found on craigslist. It was through a contractor selling concessions for the monster truck show today. While she was working she saw only men were carrying snowcones which were selling like crazy. This job is commission based only- in 4.5 hours my wife only made . She asked her boss if she could sell snowcones to but he told her that she couldn’t because she was a woman. When she asked what that meant he said women are messy and can’t carry the snowcones because they are too heavy. When she told them she didn’t feel that was right they told her they “don’t give a shit”. We have posted on social media and gotten a very large response. I’ve posted the link to my Facebook post which is public and would really like your help with this! I have a video of my wife explaining everything right after work when she was upset but the website won’t let me load it because it’s too large.
Thanks for your time.

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